Airport & Cruise Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Connect Coaches a Shuttle Service?
Q: How soon should I book my Group Transfer to the Cruise Terminal or Airport ?
Q: How do I check in at the Cruise Terminal?
Q: What about Security Screening at the Airport or Cruise Terminals?
Q: I'm not sure if I'm allowed to bring something ?
Q: How do I board the ship from the Overseas Passenger Terminal?
Q: What can I find around the Cruise Terminal ?
Q: I have medicines/special needs/foods,etc. Who can I contact?
Q: What must I not bring?
Q: Can I drop my bag off ?
Q: Is there wheelchair assistance?
Q: Can my family & friends come to see me off on my cruise?
Q: What do I need to know about Customs and Immigration?
Q: Do you provide assistance with luggage?
Q: Do you have a baggage allowance?
Q: Do you supply child seats and/or booster seats?
Q: How can I receive information about your Public Day Tours?
Q: How can I receive a brochure of your day tours?
Q: Is my home address in your pick up area?
Q: How can I pay for my day tour?
Q: What if I have not paid for a day tour by the due date?
Q: What happens if I need to cancel my day tour booking?
Q: How many passengers can you accommodate
Q: Can you accommodate people with wheelchairs?
Q: Do I need to complete my Driver Knowledge Test first ?
Q: If I complete my training in a bus, will I still be able to drive trucks?
Q: What do I need to do to become a bus driver?
Q: Will the training & assessment be filmed?
Q: I have applied for a job with the NSW Ambulance Service, what licence do I require?
Q: I am a school teacher requiring a licence to drive our school's bus; what licence do I require?
Q: If I am doing my licence in a bus, do I still have to learn how to do load security?
Q: Can I use my own vehicle to obtain my licence?
Q: What licence classes do Connect Coaches train up to?
Q: If I compete my training in an automatic vehicle, will I only be allowed to drive an automatic vehicle?
Q: How long does the final competency assessment go for?
Q: How Many Passengers can you accomodate
Q: What do i bring on the day to training
Q: How many Passengers can we accommodate
Q: How Many Wineries in one day do you suggest ?
Q: Do you organise the tour for us ?
Q: Do we have to pay tasting fees
Q: What other activities in the vineyard can we do ?
Q: Do we have to pay a deposit ?
Q: Are we allowed to drink on the Bus ?
Q: Do we provide training in other areas
Q: Is Connect Coaches an RTO
Q: Should i Get my Licence in a Road Ranger Gear Box

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