Connect Coaches Heavy vehicle Driver Training

Connect Coaches Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

Driver Knowledge Test Information

Test (DKT)

The Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is the first stage in the licencing process. You must pass the DKT to get your learner licence.
The Driver Knowledge Test must be completed at the Roads & Maritime Services(RMS).

What is the DKT?

The DKT is a computer-based road rules knowledge test. You have to answer 45 questions.

A test fee is payable each time you attempt the test.

The computer selects the questions at random from a question bank of more than 600 questions.

There are specific tests for each class of licence:
  • Car (class C)
  • Rider (class R)
  • Rigid heavy vehicle (classes LR, MR and HR)
  • Combination heavy vehicle (classes HC and MC).

In the first part of the test, you'll be asked 15 general knowledge questions, and you need to get at least 12 correct.

You'll then be asked 30 road safety questions (including traffic signs), and you need to get at least 29 correct.
If you get four questions wrong in the general knowledge section, or two wrong in the road safety section, the test will be automatically terminated.

There's no time limit for completing the test so take the time to carefully read and consider each question.

People with special needs or learning difficulties


If you have trouble understanding or reading the questions, staff can read questions out and explain them.

An audio version of the test (where you listen to the questions through headphones) is also available, in all of the above languages.

If you have special needs, you (or your representative) can call 13 22 13 to make arrangements before you book the test.

How to study for the test


Everything you need to know to pass the DKT is in the handbooks. You can read them for free online or buy them from any service centre:

Road Users' Handbook
Heavy Vehicle Driver Handbook
There are no shortcuts to passing the test. If you don't study the handbook, you are unlikely to pass.

Take the practice test

Use our free practice tests to get familiar with the test questions and decide if you're ready to take the test. You can either:

Take the Practice Driver Knowledge Test online
Download the Practice Test app from the App Store or from Google Play
The practice tests are just like the real test, with 45 questions drawn from the question bank. They're available in the same languages as the real test.

Unlike the actual test, the practice DKT allows you to finish all 45 questions no matter how many you get wrong. At the end of the practice test, you'll be told if you passed or failed.

Read the question banks

The DKT question banks include all the questions that can be asked during the test. There are 3 answer options given for each question and the correct answer is shown in bold text.

Question banks:

Studying for your DKT

Everything you need to know to pass the DKT is included in the handbooks which you can access for free online, or buy from any registry or service centre:

Road Users' Handbook
Heavy Vehicle Driver Handbook (PDF, 2.3MB)
Practice knowledge test
Phone App - Practice Knowledge test
There are no shortcuts to passing the test. If you don't study the Road Users' Handbook, you are unlikely to pass.


Conect Coaches Heavy vehicle Driver Training - Transport NSW Heavy Vehicle Driver Handbook  Connect Coaches Heavy Vehicle Driver training - Road Users Handbook please click Here

Click Here - Road Users Handbook
Click Here - Driver's Knowledge Practice Test
Click Here - Heavy Vehicle handbook
Click Here - Practice DKT Phone App iPhone

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