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Heavy Vehicle Driver Training FAQs

Before beginning your training, it is mandatory for everyone to complete a knowledge test at Transport NSW. This test ensures that you have the necessary understanding and skills to safely operate within the transportation industry. It is a crucial step towards a successful training experience.

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No matter whether you choose to complete your training in a truck or a bus, you will have the opportunity to drive both vehicles upon achieving your class of license. Your training experience is tailored to your needs and ensures preparedness for either vehicle type.

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Welcome to the Connect Coaches  website the Bus & Coach experts

 We cater to everyone who is interested in obtaining a bus licence. Whether you're a beginner or looking to upgrade your current licence, we can help you achieve your goals.

Before you dive into the licence upgrade, we recommend starting with the Bus Authority course. It is a more cost-effective option compared to the complete licence upgrade.

It's better to be informed upfront rather than finding out later that you may not be eligible to drive a bus due to health issues or a criminal record.

  1. To begin the process, there are a few steps you need to follow. First, we encourage you to do a criminal record check. This will ensure that you meet the required criteria for obtaining the Bus Authority licence. Click here to get started on your criminal record check.
  2. Next, please consult your doctor to have a medical report completed. This report will assess your physical fitness to drive a bus. Click here to access the medical report form.
  3. Finally, complete the training course to gain all the necessary knowledge and skills to become an accredited  bus Operator. Click here to enroll in the training course.
  4. By following these steps, you'll be well-prepared and on your way to obtaining your Bus Authority licence.
  5. Choose the appropriate licence to suit the type of work in the bus industry pathway that your choosing to follow

  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to book your training course. We look forward to helping you achieve your bus driving goals!


As of the 1st December 2023, the training component is not required to be filmed by Transport NSW. However, the Final Assesment is required to be filmed by the second Assessor completing the FCA [ Final Competency Assessment] .

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Are you interested in a career as an Ambulance officer in NSW? The NSW Ambulance Service requires applicants to have a Light Rigid Licence. To help you obtain this qualification, we provide two training vehicles. Our 2020 15-seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter is ideal for Light Rigid training and licence upgrades. It closely resembles the vehicles used by the NSW Ambulance brigade and interstate Ambulance services. Additionally, our 17-seat Yutong Medium Rigid Bus not only offers the same benefits but also enables you to obtain a Medium Rigid Licence, opening up opportunities to drive MR Trucks & Buses in the future. Choose the vehicle that suits your needs and launch your career in the NSW Ambulance Brigade.

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Merced Benz Sprinter  Connect Coaches Medium Rigid Heavy Vehicle Training

For over twenty years, Connect Coaches has been a trusted provider of training courses for schools. Our expertise in the field is evident as we currently provide training for numerous private schools on the Northern beaches and the Central Coast.

When you choose Connect Coaches for your school bus training, you can expect to practice in a modern bus or coach that closely resembles the private buses owned by most schools.

This ensures that once you obtain your license, you will feel confident and at ease when operating a school bus for the first time.

Schools often opt for smaller mini buses such as the Mitsubushi Rosa, Toyota Coasters, and Toyota HiAce, which fall under the Light Rigid License category.

However, larger buses like Higer, BCI, and Yutong have gained popularity in recent times. These buses can fall under either the Medium Rigid or Light Rigid License, depending on their Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

To determine the appropriate license category, you can refer to the vehicle's Registration Papers, which will provide all necessary information.

Trust Connect Coaches to provide comprehensive training solutions to meet the needs of everyone involved.

Light Rigid licenses cover vehicles with a GVM ranging from 4.5 to 8 tonnes.

Light Rigid Licence Pictures

Medium Rigid 8Tonne GVM - 15 Tonne GVM




Please click here for LMedium Rigid Licence PicturesicenceClasses

Welcome to our website! We cater to everyone, and we want to ensure that you have all the necessary information to complete your competency 13 Load Security requirement. At our depot, you are still required to undertake competency 13 Load Security, which is executed on a static display (Trailer). During this process, you will receive comprehensive training and assessment on various aspects, including straps, chains, and ropes - specifically the Truckie Hitch technique. We understand the importance of proper load security, and our expert team is here to guide you through the entire process. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for any queries or further assistance.



If you would like to read up further information on Load Security , a good place to start would be the 2018 Load security Guide Below


2018 Load Security Guide

At our website, we want to make sure that everyone has access to the information they need, including those who are interested in using their own vehicle for assessments and tests.

While it is possible to use your own vehicle, there are certain requirements that must be met.

Firstly, your vehicle must be registered and roadworthy. Additionally, it must be the appropriate type of vehicle for the license class you are applying for. For the test, your vehicle must have a lap-sash retractable seat belt fitted to the front passenger seat, except for MR and HR buses.

If you are applying for HR, HC, or MC license tests, there are further minimum standards that must be met. For HR, your test vehicle must be at least a 3-axle rigid vehicle with a GVM of more than 15 tonnes. For HC, it must be at least a 3-axle prime mover with a minimum 2-axle semi-trailer or a heavy rigid vehicle plus trailer over nine tonnes GVM. And for MC (HVCBA assessments only), the test vehicle must be at least a 3-axle prime mover with an A and B trailer, each with bogie axles.

It is important to note that test vehicles must be loaded to at least 75% of the maximum allowable mass, except for buses.

There are certain vehicles that cannot be used for testing and assessment, such as armoured security vehicles, vehicles carrying dangerous goods or livestock, vehicles displaying traders' number plates, and vehicles that are not suitable for safe use. If you are assessed for your heavy vehicle license in a vehicle with an automatic or synchromesh gearbox, a condition will be added to your license. To have this condition removed, you must be assessed driving a vehicle fitted with a constant mesh gearbox. We hope this information helps you understand the requirements for using your own vehicle for assessments and tests.

Welcome to Connect Coaches, your trusted heavy vehicle training and assessment provider. Our highly skilled trainer and assessor, Liam Green, is accredited to provide training for a variety of licence classes including Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid, Heavy Combination, and Bus Authority. While we currently offer training with vehicles in the Light Rigid and Medium Rigid classes, Liam is more than willing to conduct training using a vehicle provided by the client or company. Rest assured, at Connect Coaches, we are committed to helping everyone from all walks of life achieve their heavy vehicle licensing goals.

Medium Rigid Vehicle - Bonlux  15 Seated mercedes Benz Sprinter - Light Rigid Licence

Are you preparing to obtain your heavy vehicle licence? If so, it's important to understand the conditions that may be imposed on your licence based on the type of gearbox you are assessed with. If you complete your course using a vehicle with an automatic or synchromesh gearbox, a condition known as Automatic/Synchromesh Condition B will be added to your licence. This condition restricts you to driving vehicles with a similar transmission. To have this condition removed, you must undergo an assessment while driving a vehicle equipped with a constant mesh gearbox. This assessment can be done either through a Competency Test with an accredited HVCBA provider, or a shortened version of a Roads and Maritime driving test. While the B endorsement on your licence allows you to drive automatic vehicles and those with synchromesh gearboxes, you will not be able to operate a constant mesh gearbox vehicle such as a Crashbox or Road Ranger gearbox. For any further inquiries or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact Liam at 0417281545.

Welcome to our website, where we provide valuable information about the Final Competency Assessment (FCA) that is suitable for everyone. The FCA is an evaluation conducted by a separate Assessor, ensuring a fair assessment process. It typically lasts for a minimum of 45 minutes, although most assessments are approximately 1 hour long. We understand that many applicants experience anxiety about the assessment, but rest assured that with the proper training and preparation, the assessment should not feel overly challenging. Our aim is to provide the necessary resources and support for a successful and stress-free FCA experience. Contact us today to learn more!

Connect Coaches Heavy Vehicle Trainer Liam Green offers comprehensive heavy vehicle training services to clients in various areas upon request. Whether you're located in the Central Coast, Newcastle, or the Hornsby & Northern Beaches region, Liam can provide a highly skilled and experienced trainer to help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to operate heavy vehicles safely and efficiently. With Liam's expertise, you can confidently pursue your career in the heavy vehicle industry, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

Welcome to Connect Coaches, the leading provider of professional coach training and development. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional coaching services to everyone, regardless of their background or expertise. At Connect Coaches, we want to ensure that our trainers and assessors meet the highest standards set by the industry. Our dedicated Trainer/ Assessor, Liam Green, is an accredited instructor recognized by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). However, it is important to note that Connect Coaches is not a Registered Training Organization (RTO). To maintain our commitment to excellence, Liam works closely with RTO Dare Rider Education, an esteemed RTO with the registration number 90431. As part of their rigorous auditing process, Dare Rider Education ensures that Liam remains compliant and adheres to the mandated licensing standards set by the Roads and Maritime Services. Rest assured that when you choose Connect Coaches, you are selecting a coaching company that prioritizes quality, adherence to standards, and the overall satisfaction of our valued clients. Connect with Connect Coaches today and embark on a transformative coaching journey.

These day's most trucks have a Automatic or a sychromesh gearbox  . 

The Road Ranger Gearbox is a more difficult licence to get but once you have achieved your licence with a Road Ranger Gearbox you will have an Unristricted licence enabling you to drive all three Gear Boxes

  1. Automatic
  2. Sychromesh Gearbox
  3. Constant Mesh [ Crash Box ]

The Biggest Disadvatage of doing your licence in a Road Ranger Gear Box is the cost Factor . Sometime it could be over a $1000 more to complete your licence in a Road Ranger Gearbox

Sometime trainees may not reach the required standard to pass

Welcome to the Connect Coaches Training Depot for heavy vehicle licensing! We are conveniently located at 225 Wells Street, Springfield/Erina on the breathtaking Central Coast.

Our prime location ensures that everyone, whether you are a local resident or coming from elsewhere, can easily access our training programs and expert instructors. At Connect Coaches,

we are dedicated to catering to the needs of all individuals seeking to obtain their heavy vehicle license and become skilled and confident heavy vehicle drivers in no time.

Our depot is centrally situated, serving a wide range of Central Coast suburbs. From Alison to Avoca Beach, Bateau Bay to Berkeley Vale, Blackwall to Blue Bay, we are easily accessible for residents of all these areas and beyond. Whether you are in Budgewoi, Buff Point, or Bushells Ridge, our location ensures that the Connect Coaches Training Depot is just a stone's throw away. We are also easily reachable for those in Calga, Cedar Brush Creek, Chain Valley Bay, and beyond. The list of suburbs we serve continues to impress, including places like Doyalson, East Gosford, Erina, Erina Heights, and Ettalong Beach. No matter if you are from Forresters Beach or Fountaindale, Glenning Valley or Gosford, our location ensures that you can conveniently join us for your heavy vehicle training needs. Explore the stunning beauty of the Central Coast while becoming competent heavy vehicle drivers at Connect Coaches. From Halekulani to Halloran, Hamlyn Terrace to Hardys Bay, our depot is centrally located to serve your heavy vehicle licensing requirements. We are dedicated to accommodating the training needs of every individual, including those in Holgate, Horsfield Bay, Jilliby, Kangy Angy, and Kariong. Connect Coaches Training Depot also serves the vibrant communities of Killarney Vale, Killcare, Kincumber, Kulnura, Lake Haven, and Lemon Tree. Our training programs are also conveniently accessible for those in Lisarow, Little Wobby, Long Jetty, Lower Mangrove, and beyond. We extend our services to locations like Magenta, Mangrove Creek, Mangrove Mountain, Mannering Park, and Mardi. The Connect Coaches Training Depot also caters to residents of Matcham, Mooney Mooney, Niagara Park, Norah Head, and Noraville. In addition, we serve North Avoca, North Gosford, Ourimbah, Palm Grove, Palmdale, Patonga, and Pearl Beach. Join us for your heavy vehicle license training from Peats Ridge to Picketts Valley, Point Clare to Point Frederick, and Pretty Beach to Ravensdale. You can also conveniently reach our depot from locations like Rocky Point, St Huberts Island, and San Remo. We serve the communities of Saratoga, Shelly Beach, Somersby, Spencer, Springfield, and Summerland Point. Our location is also easily accessible for residents of Tacoma, Tascott, Terrigal, The Entrance, The Entrance North, and Toowoon Bay. We cater to individuals from Toukley to Tuggerah, Tuggerawong to Tumbi Umbi, Umina Beach to Upper Mangrove, and beyond. The Connect Coaches Training Depot is also easily reachable for residents of Wadalba, Wagstaffe, Wallarah, Wamberal, Warnervale, Watanobbi, and Wendoree Park. Whether you are in West Gosford or Wondabyne, Woongarrah or Woy Woy, Woy Woy Bay or Wyee, Wyee Point or Wyoming, Wyong or Wyong Creek, Wyongah or Yarramalong, or Yattalunga, our depot ensures convenient access to top-notch heavy vehicle license training. In conclusion, Connect Coaches Training Depot is the ideal choice for heavy vehicle license training on the Central Coast. Our prime location ensures easy accessibility for everyone, regardless of where you are coming from. With our comprehensive training programs and expert instructors, you can join us and become a skilled and confident heavy vehicle driver in no time. Discover the beauty of the Central Coast while obtaining your heavy vehicle license at Connect Coaches.

Connect Coaches can provide training & assessment in the Newcastle area if required
Connect Coaches can provide training & assessment in the Newcastle area if required

Connect Coaches provides Training for people from all suburbs of the Central CoastWe Provide Bus trips & Heavy vehicle training for the following suburbs on the Central Coast Alison, Avoca Beach, Bar Point, Bateau Bay, Bensville, Berkeley Vale, Blackwall, Blue Bay, Blue Haven, Booker Bay, Bouddi, , Budgewoi, Budgewoi Peninsula, Buff Point, Bushells Ridge, Calga, Canton Beach, Cedar Brush Creek, Central Mangrove, Chain Valley Bay, Charmhaven, Cheero Point, Chittaway Bay, Chittaway Point, Cogra Bay, Colongra, Copacabana, Crangan Bay (part), Daleys Point, Davistown, Dooralong, Doyalson, Doyalson North, Durren Durren, East Gosford, Empire Bay, Erina, Erina Heights, Ettalong Beach, Forresters Beach, Fountaindale, Frazer Park, Freemans, Glenning Valley, Glenworth Valley, Gorokan, Gosford, Green Point, Greengrove, Gunderman, Gwandalan, Halekulani, Halloran, Hamlyn Terrace, Hardys Bay, Holgate, Horsfield Bay, Jilliby, Kangy Angy, Kanwal, Kariong, Kiar, Killarney Vale, Killcare, Killcare Heights, Kincumber, Kincumber South, Kingfisher Shores, Koolewong, Kulnura, Lake Haven, Lake Munmorah, Lemon Tree, Lisarow, Little Jilliby, Little Wobby, Long Jetty, Lower Mangrove, MacMasters Beach, Magenta, Mangrove Creek, Mangrove Mountain, Mannering Park, Mardi, Marlow, Matcham, Milsons Passage, Moonee (part), Mooney Mooney, Mooney Mooney Creek, Mount Elliot, Mount White, Narara, Niagara Park, Norah Head, Noraville, North Avoca, North Gosford, Ourimbah, Palm Grove, Palmdale, Patonga, Pearl Beach, Peats Ridge, Phegans Bay, Picketts Valley, Point Clare, Point Frederick, Point Wolstoncroft, Pretty Beach, Ravensdale, Rocky Point, San Remo, Saratoga, Shelly Beach, Somersby, Spencer, Springfield, St Huberts Island, Summerland Point, Tacoma, Tacoma South, Tascott, Ten Mile Hollow, Terrigal, The Entrance, The Entrance North, Toowoon Bay, Toukley, Tuggerah, Tuggerawong, Tumbi Umbi, Umina Beach, Upper Mangrove, Wadalba, Wagstaffe, Wallarah, Wamberal, Warnervale, Watanobbi, Wendoree Park, West Gosford, Wondabyne, Woongarrah, Woy Woy, Woy Woy Bay, Wybung, Wyoming, Wyong, Wyong Creek, Wyongah, Yarramalong and Yattalunga.In

Heavy Vehicle Driver Training can be arrange for people living on the North Shore & Hornsby area .

Allambie Heights Avalon Balgowlah Heights Balgowlah Bayview Beacon Hill Belrose Bilgola Bilgola Plateau Brookvale Church Point Clareville Clontarf Coasters Retreat Collaroy Plateau Collaroy Cottage Point Cromer Curl Curl Davidson Dee Why Duffys Forest Elanora Heights Elvina Bay Fairlight Forestville Frenchs Forest Freshwater Great Mackerel Beach Ingleside Killarney Heights Lovett Bay Manly Vale Manly Mona Vale Morning Bay Narrabeen North Narrabeen Narraweena Newport North Balgowlah North Curl Curl North Manly Oxford Falls Palm Beach Queenscliff Scotland Island Seaforth Terrey Hills Warriewood Whale Beach Wheeler Heights

Upper North Shore Beecroft[21] Cheltenham East Killara East Lindfield Gordon Hornsby Killara Lindfield North Turramurra North Wahroonga Normanhurst[16][22] Pennant Hills[23] Pymble Roseville Roseville Chase St Ives St Ives Chase South Turramurra Thornleigh[16][24] Turramurra Wahroonga Waitara Warrawee West Pymble Westleigh[16]     Lower North Shore[edit] Artarmon Cammeray Castle Cove Castlecrag Chatswood Chatswood West Cremorne Cremorne Point Crows Nest East Willoughby Kirribilli Lane Cove Lane Cove North Lane Cove West Lavender Bay Linley Point Longueville McMahons Point Middle Cove Milsons Point Mosman Naremburn Neutral Bay North Sydney North Willoughby Northbridge Northwood Riverview St Leonards Waverton Willoughby Wollstonecraft  

Liam Can provide training in the Hills District on requestAnnangrove Baulkham Hills (shared with City of Parramatta Council) Beaumont Hills Bella Vista Box Hill Castle Hill (shared with Hornsby Shire) Cattai (shared with City of Hawkesbury) Dural (shared with Hornsby Shire) Gables Glenhaven (shared with Hornsby Shire) Glenorie (shared with Hornsby Shire) Kellyville Kenthurst Leets Vale (shared with City of Hawkesbury) Lower Portland (shared with City of Hawkesbury) Maraylya (shared with City of Hawkesbury) Maroota (shared with Hornsby Shire) Middle Dural (shared with Hornsby Shire) Nelson North Kellyville North Rocks (shared with City of Parramatta Council) Norwest (newly formed) Rouse Hill (shared with City of Blacktown) Sackville North South Maroota West Pennant Hills (shared with Hornsby Shire) Winston Hills (shared with City of Parramatta Council) Wisemans Ferry (shared with Central Coast Council, City of Hawkesbury and Hornsby Shire)


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