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Q: Do I need to complete my Driver Knowledge Test first ?
Q: If I complete my training in a bus, will I still be able to drive trucks?
Q: What do I need to do to become a bus driver?
Q: Will the training & assessment be filmed?
Q: I have applied for a job with the NSW Ambulance Service, what licence do I require?
Q: I am a school teacher requiring a licence to drive our school's bus; what licence do I require?
Q: If I am doing my licence in a bus, do I still have to learn how to do load security?
Q: Can I use my own vehicle to obtain my licence?
Q: What licence classes do Connect Coaches train up to?
Q: If I compete my training in an automatic vehicle, will I only be allowed to drive an automatic vehicle?
Q: How long does the final competency assessment go for?
Q: What do i bring on the day to training
Q: Do we provide training in other areas
Q: Is Connect Coaches an RTO
Q: Should i Get my Licence in a Road Ranger Gear Box
Q: Do you provide Heavy Vehicle Driver Training on the Central Coast ?


Course Duration

This course is completed over two days,.

Day 1; Medium Rigid Licence upgrade

Day 2: Bus Authority Course

Course Information

This course is designed for people wishing to obtain their Medium Rigid licence with the plan of becoming a bus driver in the future.

The course is completed over two days, maximizing the chance of you obtaining your Medium Rigid Driving Licence, but also receiving sufficient time & experience behind the wheel to increase the chance of your success at attaining a job in the bus industry.

The course is also designed to give you confidence during your interview that you have given yourself the best opportunity of getting that job.

Liam from Connect Coaches has been involved in the Bus & Coach Industry for over 28 years so the two days spent with him will give you ample opportunity to ask many questions about your new career path plan.

The course is not designed around the "one day wonder" mentality that many other driving schools offer, but real experience.

So if you're wishing to become a bus or coach driver and learning the required skills to get the job, Connect Coaches will train and show you how to:

Complete a pre-departure check

Comfortably perform all reversing manoeuvres required by the RMS

Drive in a defensive manner suitable to giving passengers a comfortable ride

Manouevre a large vehicle through tight roundabouts and narrow streets

Drive on suburban streets, country roads and freeways


Drivers Knowledge Test

Read through the Roads & Maritime heavy vehicle handbooks that can be purchased from the RMS

 Connect Coaches heavy vehicle Training - Heavy vehicle Driver Handbook  Connect Coaches Heavy vehicle Driver Training - Road Uses Handbook  Connect Coaches Heavy Vehicle Driver Training - Competency Based Guide Book  Connect Coaches Heavy Vehicle Driver Training - Competency Based Log Book

Complete your Drivers Knowledge Test :


Your Knowledge Test must be completed at the Roads & Maritime Services. Click above link for further information

Purchase Competency based Log Books

At the completion of your knowledge test, you must purchase the Competency Based Logbook from the Roads & Maritime Services at your own expense


Training & Assessment

Connect Coaches will provide one Roads & Maritime approved trainer/assessor to complete Assessment Criteria 1-15 over the 14 hours of the course

Connect Coaches will provide one separate assessor as per Roads & Maritime requirements for final assessment

Connect Coaches will provide one 28-seated mid-size coach for both the training & assessment components of the course


Final Assessment:

Connect Coaches will provide and arrange for a separate assessor for final assessment. The final assessment will be filmed via an in-cabin video as per Roads & Maritime requirements. This video can later be audited by the Roads & Maritime Services.

The final assessment is conducted by a separate assessor over a minimum of 45 minutes but can take up to 70 minutes, depending on the route and traffic conditions


Unsuccessful Final Assessment :

Connect Coaches conducts its courses over two days to reduce the chance of applicants requiring a second assessment by giving more on-road time in the vehicle and improving the confidence of the applicant.

The Connect Coaches instructor has the responsibility of doing everything possible to achieve a successful outcome during this assessment.

However, Connect Coaches cannot be responsible for an applicant making errors due to nerves or any other reason.

If the final assessment is deemed unsuccessful, a second assessment can be completed an hour later
This assessment can also be completed on another day if the applicant or the trainer feel that this may help achieve the result required
A second assessment will incur a fee of $200 for the hire of the vehicle and for the second assessor's fee


Completion of Training & Assessment :

At the completion of the final assessment, the applicant will be issued a Certificate of Competency by the assessor to take back to the RMS to obtain your heavy vehicle license.

Medium Rigid Licence Booking

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