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Conect Coaches 24 Seated Mitsubishi Rosa Vehicle Available for Light Rigid Training
Connect coaches Light Rigid Heavy Vehicle Training 14 Seated Toyota Hi Ace
Trainer Assessor Liam Green

Cost - $1000

Light Rigid Heavy Vehicle Licence Course Information

This course provides you with the training and assessing you need to obtain a Light Rigid licence endorsement to your existing licence, as required by the Roads and Maritime Services(NSW) so that you can drive a Light Rigid vehicle.

What you will achieve

The applicant will be trained in our 14 Seated Mini Bus on the road rules and RMS requirements to drive to licence standards.The applicant will be trained for their Light Rigid Licence on the following:

  • Reversing 
  • Load Security
  • Driving skills and knowledge

Entry Requirements

You must complete your drivers knowledge test for the Light Rigid Licence prior to the course.

Prior to commencing your Light Rigid Training course, you must complete your eyesight test at RMS

You will be required to purchase the guide book below prior to completing your Light Rigid Licence training course.

We cannot commence the Light Rigid Training course without you purchasing the Competency Based log book below .

To participate in the Light Rigid Training Course, you will need to bring the following:

Current NSW driver's licence.Comptency Based Log Book purchased from the Roads & Maritime

You will also need to wear suitable clothing and footwear (safety shoes or boots preferred)

Light Rigid Training course is provided out of our Central Coast depot located at the following address:

225 Wells Street, Springfield NSW 2250

At the successful completion of your knowledge test, we should be able to complete your licence within 5 days

Central Coast Driver Training is not a Registered Training Organisation(RTO) as we are a smaller, family owned business.
We do, however, have a working partnership with Dare Rider Education who is a Registered Training Organisation.
Dare Rider Education helps us stay up to date with changes in the industry and make sure our courses are compliant.
This licence course has been approved by the Roads and Maritime Services(RMS) of NSW. Drivers are trained and assessed against the RMS Competency Standards by Liam Green, who is an Accredited Assessor.

Training will be conducted by Central Coast Driver Training from 9:00am to approximately 4:00pm
The applicant will be trained in the following:

Load security
Pre-departure checks
Reversing manoeuvres, and other driving skills to prepare for assessment.

The instructor, who cannot complete the final Competency Assessment part as of the 1st September 2015, will be an accredited instructor with the RMS supplied by Central Coast Driver Training and will have a certificate 4 in Training and Assessment. This course is designed for people with little experience at driving this type of vehicle.

Learners must demonstrate that they have the underpinning skills and knowledge and can meet the performance criteria to be deemed competent.
Split Assessment

Commencing 1st September 2015, the RMS are introducing a split system for Training & Assessment. This means that the instructor who trains and assesses the criteria component cannot assess the Final Assessment (FCA) for the applicant. Therefore, as of 1st September 2015, another assessor will be brought in for the assessment on the FCA Component.
Criteria Assessment

Competencies 1-15 will be trained & assessed by Central Coast Driver Training.
The Theory + Practical Component part of the day will be under the guidance of the Registered Training Organisation
At the completion of the Assessment Criteria, the first assessor will issue you with a Certificate of Attendance.

7 hours of training and assessment of Assessment Criteria 1-15 ($110 per hour if further time is required after 7 hours)

One attempt at the Final Competency Assessment once assessment criteria 1-15 has been marked as competent.

Not Included:
RMS knowledge test fees, RMS log book fees, RMS Transfer of driver's licence fees or any other associated RMS fees

The cost does not include a second attempt fee for Final Competency if required.

To make obtaining your Light Rigid Licence easier, I strongly suggest you read the RMS books below.

Connect Coaches Light Rigid Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Driver Handbook - Click here  Connect Coaches Light Rigid Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Road Users Handbook  

Any one of our 14,15 & 24 seated Mini Buses is the ideal vehicle to provide you with the experience to drive your school charters. The training can also be completed in your school's own vehicle.

Ambulance Driver Light Rigid Licence Heavy Vehicle Driver Training


Our 15 Seated Mercedes Benz LWB mini bus is a great bus to obtain your Light Rigid Licence in and has been used by hundreds of people over the last 7 years looking to meet NSW Ambulance Brigade job requirements.

This vehicle is almost identical to the vehicle used by the NSW Ambulance Service; it's just a little bit longer, being a long wheel base rather than the medium wheel base model that NSW Ambulance Service use.

Competency Based Guide Book  

Competency Based Assessment (CBA) is a process that enables the learner to provide evidence of progressively achieving skills specified by the Roads and Maritime Services (NSW) during the training process, and then to undertake a Final Competency Assessment on the open road using a Roads and Maritime Services prescribed test route. Successful completion of this unit of competency is based on the assessment of your demonstrated competence when driving plus extra assessments to fully cover the criteria where the unit requirements exceed those of the Licencing Authority.
The licencing examination at the completion of the training in this unit of competency will be undertaken as a Final Competency Assessment (FCA). This will be conducted by our Roads and Maritime Services assessor, or a Roads and Maritime Services auditor.
Your results will be reported as Competent, or Not Yet Competent, and you will be licenced accordingly.

As of 1st July 2015, a video camera must be in operation inside the cabin of the heavy vehicle during the FCA/CT in order to capture and record the Final Competency on road component.

The final competency assessment(FCA) is the student's final assessment which goes for a minimum of 45 minutes.

The Final Competency cannot commence without the Applicant first attaining a Certificate of Attendance awarded by their first Assessor upon having successfully completed competencies 1-15 of the Assessment Criteria.

The FCA, when conducted from 1st July 2015, will be filmed for auditing purposes.
The video film will be  sent to the RTO for auditing purposes and later sent to the Roads & Maritime Services, if required.

The FCA Route

The route will include a sufficient degree of gradient to allow for a comprehensive test of gear changing and the hill stop/start. Where this is not possible, alternative assessment methods will be used.

An FCA Assessment  will include road and traffic conditions which include medium to heavy traffic. The definition of medium to high traffic means that there is at least a 70 per cent chance of the vehicle interacting with another vehicle or road user.

As of the 1st July 2015, the RMS have introduced the use of video cameras for the final assessment.
The video cameras will record what is happening inside the cabin of the vehicle and outside with all sound and comments recorded. The camera is also fitted with GPS Tracking.
Video footage has to be passed on to the Registered Training Organisation within 24 hours for auditing prior to being passed onto the RMS.

Not Competent

If the applicant is deemed to be "not competent" during the assessment, the assessment will finish and training will commence until 4:00pm, working on the areas that the client was not yet satisfactory in.
The applicant will then be required to re-book another day to be trained further or re-assessed at a further cost of $110 per hour. The re-assessment will be for a minimum of 4 hours.

At the successful completion of the FCA Assessment by a separate assessor, the applicant will receive a Certificate of Competency to return to the Roads & Maritime Services. This is required to complete the licence upgrade

Light Rigid One Day Course

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